Monday, September 26, 2011

You are special

Once there was a Wimmick called Punchinello. He had very bad talent. Lots of people gave him grey dots, he tried to jump high but he fell. He tried to do everything he could to get a golden star but he just made so many mistakes.
Once he was walking down the street and met a girl named Lucia that had no stars and no dots. Punchinello said “you have no stars and no dots”. Lucia said “because I always go to Eli”, Punchinello said “Eli? Where does Eli live?”. Lucia says “just up the hill”.
Punchinello is going to Eli's house. Punchinello opens the door and he hears a big welcome "hello Punchinello" says Eli "welcome come in".
"Eli I have very very bad talent" says Punchinello.
"I see" says Eli. Punchinello puts on a sad face "don`t worry" Eli says "because you are special". "Thanks Eli I am special".

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